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Technical guide with updated race schedule

We are looking forward to welcome all participants to GP Norway the comming weekend

Saturday 14th October

StartRace Schedule
09:00Venue Opens
09:00Official Training
11:00Warm Up
12:00Men’s Junior Omnium 1/4 Scratch 7,5km (30 laps)
12:15Men’s Elite Omnium 1/4 Scratch 10km (40 laps)
12:45Men’s Junior Omnium 2/4 Tempo race 7,5km (30 laps)
13:00Men’s Elite Omnium 2/4 Tempo race 10km (40 laps)
13:30Men’s Junior Omnium 3/4 Elimination
13:50Men’s Elite Omnium 3/4 Elimination
14:30Men’s Junior Omnium 4/4 Points Race 20 km (80 laps – 8 sprints)
15:00Men’s Elite Omnium 4/4 Points Race 25 km (100 laps – 10 sprints)
15:45Award Ceremony

Sunday 15th October

StartRace Schedule
09:00Venue Opens
09:00Official Training
11:00Men’s Junior Scratch Race 10km (40 laps)
11:20Men’s Elite Scratch Race 15km (60 laps)
11:45Break & Halftime show with THE CORE
12:30Men’s Junior Points Race 20km (80 laps / 8 sprints)
13:00Men’s Elite Points Race 30km (120 laps / 12 sprints)
14:00Award Ceremony

See all detalis in the Technical Guide.

See the participation list to find out who is riding this weekend.