Vår Energi Arena Sola

Vår Energi Arena Sola is a 250m cat1 UCI course with international goals. The course can be used by everyone, from beginners to specialists. Here, school pupils, cycling clubs and the public can experience cycling on Norway’s only indoor 250m track.

Bring your own track bike and equipment or borrow from us. If you need storage, you can rent a storage cage for your track bike.

Vår Energi Arena Sola offers rental of the bicycle velodrome. All cyclists on the track must have approved accreditation for the intended activity. For visitors, express accreditation can be arranged if necessary. In addition to the cycling track, Vår Energi Arena Sola also houses a spinning hall with 28 Stages SC3 with wattage measurement, a strength room and several meeting rooms. Changing rooms for coaches, teams and anti-doping are also available. Our facilities correspond to a category 2 velodrome, which means we can host all local and international competitions.

For opening hours and contact information, please see contact information.

Stavanger Lufthavn Sola (4km)
Sandnes Stasjon (10km), Stavanger Stasjon (10km)
Joabakken, Sola (550m)

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